Beleaf Sets Sail With Carnival Cruise!
Beleaf Sets Sail With Carnival Cruise!

Charting New Culinary Horizons

In a groundbreaking move towards more inclusive dining experiences, Carnival Cruise Line has unveiled a brand-new vegan dining room menu, enriching the culinary offerings aboard their ships. This initiative, part of Carnival's fleet-wide commitment to accommodating diverse dietary preferences, introduces a selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that are entirely plant-based.

Beleaf's Plant-Based Feast at Sea

Beleaf, the innovative leader in plant-based meat and seafood, is thrilled to unveil its partnership with Carnival Cruise Line for an exhilarating culinary experience. Elevating the journey of taste on board, the collaboration introduces an enticing array of four exquisite Beleaf creations. Guests can savor the delectable Beleaf Plant-based Shrimp, indulge in the flavorful Plant-based Chick'n Drumsticks, relish the exquisite Plant-based Calamari, and delight in the succulent Plant-based Ham, all crafted to redefine the possibilities of plant-based dining at sea.

Cruise Cuisine Redefined

Richard Morse, Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage at Carnival Cruise Line, highlighted the motivation behind the introduction of these vegan menus, stating, "Plant-based food options are a rising preference on our ships just as they are on land, and so the new dishes we're introducing are a direct response to that shift."

Empowering the Individual to Make Sustainable Choices Anywhere

Beleaf's presence on the new vegan dining menus underscores the company's commitment to providing high-quality, delicious alternatives for plant-based consumers, even in unconventional settings such as luxury cruises. Beleaf is excited to set sail into a future where plant-powered dining is at the forefront of culinary innovation, inviting passengers to savor the taste of a more conscious and flavorful voyage.

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About Beleaf: Beleaf is a family-owned plant-based meat and seafood company