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Beleaf Plant-based Egg, 7 Ounce

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Our product features the taste and texture of a traditional 'sunny-side-up egg' but without the need for hens! Made from minimally processed ingredients, this plant-based egg is the perfect addition to your breakfast sandwich, kimchi fried rice, or even your plant-based burger.

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Product description

Eliminating animal products for health, ethics, sustainability, or economic reasons while still maintaining an ample protein supply is a priority for many consumers. Delight the taste buds of your vegetarian and vegan patrons with this Beleaf vegan fried egg that is sure to satisfy cravings! With the tender appearance and mouthfeel of a sunny-side-up egg, this egg alternative mirrors the texture and flavor of traditional fried eggs without the need for a chicken, making this the perfect substitute for animal-based protein.

This vegan fried egg is made with soybeans for an impressive source of wholesome, vegan protein. The egg substitute is perfectly seasoned, precisely prepared, and meticulously shaped before being cooked into a vegan egg that serves as the perfect alternative to the original. To prepare, remove the paper divider and simply reheat by searing in oil on both sides for 2 minutes until golden brown and warmed through. Serve on top of a steaming buttermilk biscuit, pile on a juicy veggie burger, or plate with vegan bacon and fresh fruit for a satisfying breakfast platter. Fuel cravings with a clean conscience by offering Beleaf vegan eggs to vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike.


Non-GMO Soybean Protein, Non-GMO Soybean Skin, Pea Fiber, Pea Starch,Sunflower Seed Oil, Yeast, Salt, Brown Sugar, Paprika Extract, Carrot Extract.

Beleaf Plant-based Egg, 7 Ounce

Customer Reviews

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Lorraine Laufer
love these !!!

delivered to my home. excellence. love these "eggs"


These eggs are so delicious and so close to the real thing! I have cancer and it's been a miracle in terms of helping with my hunger/appetite. I've been digging in relentlessly. Highly recommend!