"Our Award-Winning Plant-Based Shrimp"

Presenting the Country's Top Plant-Based Seafood - Winner for 3 consecutive years at the Plant-Based World Expo Awards!

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100% Plant-Based
Low Calorie
Family Owned
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Rooted in over 30 years of food manufacturing, our company is proud to embody three core values:
Sustainable Development
Plant-based is more than a buzzword, and we’re thrilled to be a part of a growing movement. These stats speak for themselves!
3X Growth rate of plant-based grocery products in comparison to overall food sales
1 in 5 households have tried a plant-based meat product
64% of households who buy plant-based meat continue to be repeat buyers
“I’ve never experienced a plant-based substitute for shrimp that so closely resembled the real thing!”
- Chef Irma