Our Story

This family business has humble roots in Taiwan. Known for its long history of plant-based leaning culture, the motherland of our founders continues to be an inspiration for new product innovation and cutting edge manufacturing practices.

Beleaf began in 2017 as a company supported by over 30 years of experience in food service and manufacturing. Today, our home is in beautiful Southern California where we enjoy a plant-based lifestyle and hope to share our products with you!
Jason and Mary are a husband and wife partner team who live and breathe Beleaf’s core values of professionalism, quality, and sustainable development.
We believe in the hope of a better, renewable environment and future by empowering the individual to make healthier, more sustainable dietary choices
- Jason, Beleaf Founder
Our Values
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and encourage our team to bring their best self, everyday.
We are committed to producing plant-based products that contain no eggs, milk, alcohol, preservatives, animal and non-GMO ingredients.
Sustainable Development
We are committed to the globalized effort to reduce diet impacts on our environment to support a healthy planet.
Our Mission
"We’re crafting a future where everyone can relish in delicious, healthy, plant-based meals. Blending love, innovation, and sustainability into every meal, making plant-based eating a joyful, common part of our everyday lives.”