Beleaf Joins Forces with Fish Free February to Champion Ocean Conservation
Beleaf Joins Forces with Fish Free February to Champion Ocean Conservation

A Sustainable Partnership

Beleaf, a family-owned producer of plant-based meat and seafood products, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Fish Free February, a campaign dedicated to promoting sustainable and ethical choices in seafood consumption. This collaboration underscores Beleaf’s ongoing commitment to empower individuals to make healthier and more sustainable dietary choices while addressing the urgent need for ocean conservation.

Beleaf’s Revolutionary Seafood Alternatives 

Founded in 2017 by Mary and Jason Chiu, Beleaf has been at the forefront of the plant-based revolution, offering a wide range of seafood alternatives, including plant-based shrimp, salmon, tuna, and scallops. By aligning with Fish Free February, Beleaf aims to inspire a broader audience to recognize the importance of sustainable eating habits and the role they play in preserving our oceans.

Fish Free February’s Mission to Save Our Seas 

Fish Free February is a grassroots, non-profit campaign that focuses on raising awareness about the critical issues facing our marine environments, such as overfishing, bycatch, ghost nets, and the challenges of aquaculture. The campaign’s commitment to education, advocacy, and community engagement offers a beacon of hope for the oceans. By addressing the core issues threatening marine ecosystems, Fish Free February encourages a shift towards more responsible consumption patterns.

From Commitment to Action: Beleaf’s Role in Marine Conservation 

Jason Chiu, Beleaf's founder, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Being a sponsor of Fish Free February is a perfect fit for Beleaf because ocean conservation is a big motivator for what we do every day." Beleaf's involvement in Fish Free February goes beyond financial support. The company is actively engaging its audience through social media to spread awareness about the campaign's goals and the importance of sustainable alternatives. Beleaf team members are also taking the Fish Free February challenge, leading by example in the journey towards ocean conservation.

Pledge for a Fish Free February and Protect Our Oceans! 

Fish Free February invites everyone to take a stand for our oceans by pledging to abstain from consuming fish and other seafood throughout the month of February. Interested individuals can visit to join the movement and contribute to a more sustainable future for our marine life.

Together, we can make a difference for our oceans. Join Beleaf and Fish Free February in taking a pledge for a healthier, more sustainable world. 

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